I’m a Career Coach with Gift of Self Career Services, LLC. Learn more at www.facebook.com/GiftofSelf. Holding a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and designated as a Master Career Development Professional by the National Career Development Association, I have contributed to the Association’s online newsletter, Career Convergence as well as presenting numerous times at conferences, universities and organizations on such diverse topics as Career Decision, Creating Luck, Personal Branding, Social Media, Networking, et al. I also received the title of Certified Talent Consultant for advanced assessment training with the Institute of Personality and Ability Testing. Over my 20+ year career, I’ve been blessed to work with with thousands of people in dealing with the age-old question “What do I want  to be when I grow up?” at all ages, from students to adult career changers.  My experience includes work with companies and individuals in the throes of employment and life transition, and I continue to work on answering this question for myself!  On a personal side, I am a voracious reader, pushing books on anyone who comes within earshot, and have completed 34 full marathons.


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