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“The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” This statement can be true at times, however, thereBlank billboard is always the possibility that the “hearer” replaces the wheel or, at least, ends up sporting noise-cancelling headphones!

Here is my suggestion for keeping your brand out there: think of your brand as a billboard (I say your “brand” answers the following question: “When people walk away from you, what do they have that they didn’t have before you arrived?”) .

Here’s how my metaphor works: NO ONE installs a billboard on a well-traveled thoroughfare (LinkedIn, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al) on Monday, takes it down Tuesday and awaits the response from eager inquirers! The best you can get from such a practice is the bemused question from travelers, “Wasn’t there a billboard there yesterday?” (hardly a recipe for getting noticed!).

No, they must drive by that placard again and again! THAT’S why those annoying commercials are played over and over again, sometimes during the same break in your favorite shows!

Please understand: I don’t want you to be that annoyingly repetitious “billboard” that causes people to seek detours (or use those aforementioned headphones to drown you out). I DO, however, want you to regularly use your “billboard” to present your “value proposition” (sorry to use this hackneyed phrase, but it fits here!) to the world.

So, what does your “billboard” say, and how often do people “drive by” it?!

If you are unsure, I can help!

BTW, here’s mine:

“I help people identify and practice their God-given abilities in their work and lives.”