A New Workplace Requires a New Rulebook…

Posted: May 25, 2017 in career, career development, Gift of Self Career Services
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I recall an insurance company ad where a young lady is bemoaning the accident that totaled her beloved car “Brad.” She and that car had been through so much in the 4 yearsclipboard she owned it…2 boyfriends, 3 JOBS!

Welcome to the new job market, Sports Fans! The Rules have clearly changed!

First, let’s revisit the old Rulebook:

  1. Get training in a field where there is work.
  2. Find a good job with a solid company in that field.
  3. Do what you are told.
  4. Take every promotion they offer you (after all, promotions are always good, right?)
  5. Don’t leave; stay until they present you with the “Gold Watch.”
  6. Retire and then go do what you want!

NOT ANY MORE! I would respectfully suggest that there is a New Rulebook in town!

Be prepared for change at all times.

Only two things don’t change – God and change. As an employer, stay flexible, forward thinking and open to adjustments for you, your industry and your personnel. As an employee, you need not fall in love with change, but you’d better learn how to handle it! Change happens.

Act as if you are self-employed.

I recall reading the following credo on career development: “Because EVERY Job is Temporary.” Well, it is. As an employer, don’t assume that you will be ordering gold watches at a volume discount. Help your employees see themselves as integral parts of the solution. As an employee, take action at work as if your paycheck is directly related to your contribution (because, ultimately, it is!).

Never stop learning.

Employers should provide opportunities for employees to acquire new skills, knowledge, and expertise that enhance them as individuals as well as enabling them to contribute at higher and higher levels. To borrow a title from another one of my blogs, your workers are likely to be thinking “Play Me or Trade Me!” Employees should be seeking opportunities for growth continually, even if they must do it on their own.

Keep adding value to your work.

“What have you done for me lately?” sounds very ungrateful, but it’s a Fact Of Work these days. The best way to stop advancing in your job is to simply do what is expected of you. Employers, create opportunities for the employee to contribute more to the position. Employees, never be completely satisfied with your performance. Always seek to improve. I’ve coined a term to describe this mindset: “Professional Dissatisfaction.”

Take charge of your attitude.

When I’ve been called in to work with employees, it is never on how to use a spreadsheet or fill out a time card. It’s to teach them how to “play well with others!”  Employers should seek to enhance the communication and team building skills of staff through modeling the appropriate behavior as well as providing training and support in these areas. Employees should invest time and energy into enhancing their interpersonal abilities.

Is it a New Workplace? You bet it is!


  1. Martha Smith says:

    Great advice on the New Rulebook!! I found myself saying an Amen!

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