In Memoriam: Yogi Berra and the Job Search

Posted: September 24, 2015 in career
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Yogi Berra“Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

One of a panoply of “Yogi-isms,” this pithy comment has direct application to a successful job hunt. “How can this be?” you say?…. Consider some of these “antique” employment search techniques:

Phone Calls – With the invention of and annoyingly universal use of email, many of our contact requests are lost to inboxes, buried in the ever increasing piles of digital missives, a majority of which may exist only because the sender hit “Reply all.” Here’s a thought: Why not pick up the phone and CALL?!

Faxes – How many faxes do you receive in this day of email, IM, Skype requests, texts, etc.? Very few, I suspect. Individuals that are loathe to respond to these ever increasing list of messaging systems are likely to be intrigued by receiving a fax, something akin to a message delivered by the Pony Express!

Showing Up – Here’s a radical idea: put on your best job search outfit, pack your resume in a portfolio and walk in the front door to introduce yourself to a company of interest. You’ll stand out more that someone showing up in a jump suit juggling chain saws! To be sure, there’s no guarantee that anyone will have time to see you, but there is also the possibility that someone will! Also, remember to be polite and appreciative to those you meet as you enter the building – they are your first chance to make a positive impression (and they deserve your respect).

Drive By Job Hunting – This may be my favorite. When you are working, you typically see only two things: your parking spot in the company lot and your driveway when you mercifully arrive home. Between these two locales is what is called your “commute.” This commute likely passes other companies, organizations, industrial parks, etc. where opportunities could exist. Take the time to notice them and invest time in checking them out. By the way, this should be your practice whenever you are in travel mode (even by foot).

A CAVEAT – It is true that the vast majority of positions come through networking and you should invest the bulk of your time in this practice. However, to quote psychologist Abraham Maslow: “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Consider adding some of these arcane techniques to your employment search toolbox. They just may yield results!


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