Type A or Type B – Do I HAVE to pick one?!

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What personality type are you? Originated in the 1950’s (and now virtually relegated to the field of pop psychology), these two behavioral types were originally designed to describe patterns of behavior that can raise or lower one’s chance of developing coronary heart disease.

ImageType A is described as having a severe sense of time urgency, having difficulty relaxing and highly competitive.

In contrast, Type B is more relaxed, somewhat lackadaisical, much less competitive and perhaps less productive.Image

Whether these types are considered outmoded and simplistic or not, I’d like to suggest becoming a third type: Type B+!

As a marathon runner (32 so far in my 30+ year running career), I am often “accused” of being Type A.

“Not even close!” is my immediate response. I have seen runners that write the “splits” for each mile on their arm in Sharpie™, seeking to achieve a PR (personal record) every time they lace up their shoes.

Not this guy! Although I have been running for multiple decades and possess a plethora of T-shirts, my fastest times are clearly in my rear view mirror. I DO, however continue to run year around (rain, snow, sleet, et. al.) and train for at least one 26.2 mile “jaunt” a year.

NO WAY would a Type B put in those kinds of miles!

Hence, my new moniker: Type B+, aspiring to trudge along even though the winner’s laurel wreath has wilted long before I reach the finish line.

My suggestion: Consider B+ – strive to learn, to grow, to get involved in new and varied experiences, but pace yourself as well!

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