“Shots on goal” – A Sports Metaphor for Careerists

Posted: May 31, 2012 in career
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I was in a conversation with a client today about making things happen in one’s career, whether in searching for a new job, identifying a career path or continuing to advance in a profession. Somehow we ended up talking hockey (maybe it’s because I was thinking about Lord Stanley’s Cup last night?). I realized that a significant statistic quoted during the match is “shots on goal.”

It’s not hard to figure out why this is a critical measure of success. IF YOU DON’T SHOOT, YOU’LL NEVER SCORE! To be sure, you want to develop some skill in executing these shots, but waiting for the perfect line for that SportsCenter slap shot will likely keep you from ever scoring!

In the same way, if you choose to take limited action in advancing your search, your career explorations, your professional and personal  growth, etc., you’ll likely end up with exactly what you put into it: BUPKISS  (nothing. or precious little of value)!

So, exactly what is your “shots on goal” statistic for your career development?

  1. Finally a wise man who understands the connection between hockey and career development! 🙂

    Or is it that the NHL is finally back? Anyway…

    Action is always the theme for me as well. Take a shot, even a bad shot is better than no shot. At minimum it can be exciting and you never know what will happen when you try SOMETHING… ANYTHING… just take the shot.

  2. Barry Davis says:

    Wow! THAT’S cold. It was so cold here, I almost did not go for my noon day run. (ALMOST!). 🙂

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