In Career Development, Don’t Forget Your ABC’s!

Posted: November 15, 2011 in career
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I was recently reviewing my notes on “The Opt-Out Revolt: Why People are Leaving Companies to Create Kaleidoscope Careers,” written by Maineiro and Sullivan in 2006.

This intriguing book is filled with research, stories and insights on the shifting nature of the work contract. The authors describe what they refer to as the A-B-C’s of career development – Authenticity, Balance and Challenge, noting how historically men and women have approached these quite differently. Beginning the book by showing why “Work Doesn’t Work Anymore,” they proceed to provide theories and examples of what makes women and men walk away from the corporate environment. Women tend to involve all three themes throughout their careers, with primary focus first on Challenge, then on Balance (during child-rearing years) and finally on Authenticity. The authors call this the Beta Profile of Kaleidoscope Career Patterns. They suggest that this pattern is becoming more prevalent in Gen X and Gen Y males as well. In contrast, the Alpha Profile for men is typically more linear, focusing on one theme at a time, from Challenge to Authenticity to Balance later in life.

Clearly, seeking all the A-B-C’s should be the goal of a True Careerist.

The middle of the book focuses one chapter each on the “Quest for Authenticity,” the “Search for Balance” and the “Drive for Challenge,” providing narratives from the lives of individuals in each of these areas. The book ends by suggesting that it is now “No More Business as Usual,” providing examples and specific suggestions from all over the globe on how companies and industries must reinvent the work contract to attract, grow and retain the new work force. Appendices on the studies conducted along with extensive notes and references sections close this intriguing and insightful book.

I was wondering . . .  How much of these ABC’s  is present in YOUR career!?

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