Helping Employees and Organizations Stretch Their Muscles

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

As is the case with so many truths, the concept of “strength-based organizations” seems to be obvious. I have come to call such ideas as “uncommon sense,” since (as logical as they seem) they often are not considered. Why would any company or business ask their people to do something they aren’t good at? Yet we do it all the time. To cite a quote (as best as I can recall) from a Marcus Buckingham article I read years ago, “Companies should stop trying to make people things they aren’t and use them for what they are.”

So true, yet most organizations are struggling to stay afloat, much less seeking to devote the time and energy they would like to in developing the talent of their workforce.

Here’s the shorthand for this quandary – Both the organization and the employee should invest time and energy in discovering what they are best at, what inspires and enthuses, what causes them to lose track of time and space (a.k.a. “Flow”, per Mihály Csíkszentmihályi and his cohorts) and then seek ways to do it!

This can create a Win-Win scenario for all involved. The employer gets the very best Return On Investment from the worker, and the worker can eliminate “Hump Day” from their vocabulary!

  1. Great way to start the week Barry! I agree, after spending as much time as I have with employees and managers at a variety of organizations, I agree with Marcus wholeheartedly. Focus on your strengths, manage your weaknesses. All too often we demoralize our workforces with weaknesses strengthening programs that all too often leave everyone frustrated and demoralized. Thanks for sharing this- great inspiration and reflection.

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