If you don’t really know what you are hiring for, every candidate can look good.

Posted: November 15, 2010 in career

There are some excellent assessment instruments that provide useful insights on interests, values, skills and personality. Some will even compare candidates to general performance measures on a range of positions like managers, supervisors, sales people and customer service staff. Such information is helpful, but the ideal process will compare your candidates to a specific position in your company working with your staff and in your organization’s culture.

LMA Consulting offers a process that enables you to tap into the knowledge and insight of key individuals in your group to develop a 360 degree profile of the position you’re considering. This information is compared directly with the assessment results of a targeted instrument (easily completed online by the candidate in 40 minutes or less) to evaluate the overall fit of any number of candidates to the key competencies required for success in the position. This customized, easy to review feedback provides insightful information regarding each candidate’s potential fit with your organization as well as guiding your interview process to make the best hiring decision possible.

Interested in learning more? Email me at bdavis@lmaconsulting.cc for a sample report.


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